Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The March Magpie Box with Connie Mercer

Hi , Connie here guesting for JBS Mercantile
 Jenni comes out with The Magpie Box every month. 
 This month I was so lucky to get
 to work with it.  Let me show you what I mean~

So much eye candy ~ 

I made a little vignette out of all the wonderful bits and pieces
 that come in The Magpie Box.  I had this vintage casserole dish to contain the
 contents of The Magpie Box.  You see now why I was "lucky" 

One of my favorite little bits and pieces is the brass file cabinet label and the tins!!!  
Well, one more, the small, mini test tubes.
Really I love it all!!!
You can check out the monthly Magpie Box at JBS Mercantile.


Thank you Jenni ~ from one junker to another, awesome as always!!!
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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Wow! Gorgeous work setting up your goodies so pretty!

hobbemom said...

SO cute Connie. I missed getting it this month. Boo hoo...I lost my part time "fun money" job. Hopefully I will find another soon and sign back up. JB packages was always the highlight of my month. lol