Thursday, March 12, 2015

Repurposing : Chippy Old Trim Turned Coaster

Old architectural elements are beautiful to look at, even in their original peeling and chippy form.  The JBS Mercantile has a supply of old window trim pieces, each beautifully chippy in their own right.  I have one piece at home and am now wishing for more.

I'm always in the need of coasters and many coasters you buy in stores are just not pretty to look at.  I turned my piece of window trim into a one-of-a-kind coaster.  It's a simple 2 minute project that anyone can do and the reason it takes any time at all is to protect the surface the coaster will be resting on.  Otherwise, you can use the trim piece as is.

Each trim piece has its own character.  What would you use your pieces for?

The one I had was "perfectly chippy" with gorgeous layers of blue paint revealing themselves here and there under the final white coat.

The underside of my piece had old nail ends peeking through and this was the only reason I had to do something to protect my surfaces.

I cut squares of protective felt from the hardware store to cover the nails and I was ready to use my coaster.

What a lovely and unique coaster to have on display.  How beautiful it would look to have four of these on my table!  Beautiful and functional!

Just a cute little .gif showing some of the ways I've been using my coaster!

Find your own chippy old trim here!


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hobbemom said...

What a neat idea Betsy. I love those old trim pieces. I have used a couple for projects but never thought about making coasters. Clever idea!

Jenni Bowlin said...

love this Betsy!!