Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick Shipping Update

Just a quick note to relay a notification of kit shipments for this month (please disregard if you are not a member or did not make a purchase this month).

All orders/memberships that include an August Project Kit will be shipped out a couple of days late due to a delay in our Crepe Paper Ribbon shipment.

All other orders/memberships will ship out tomorrow on schedule. This means all orders for August Papercrafting Kits, August Add-On Kits and all other site products that DO NOT also include the August Project Kit.

They really won't ship late enough that most people would notice, but I did want to give a head's up anyhow.

I have a big post planned for later this week with the details of the designer contest, the mid-month release information AND some pics of my 127 sale finds!! More soon!
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Michelle said...

I can't wait to see your pictures of your 'treasures'!!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh cant wait to see the treasures and to get my hands on the kit!!!!

paige said...

my kit arrived today & i must tell you...this is my most absolute without a doubt favorite ever!
i just love these yummy soft colors. vintage & so very cool