Thursday, July 31, 2008

August 1st is almost here!

So I have been promising some exciting changes to the site and the kits this month! Here is a run-down:
- a new look to the site! Check it out at midnight.
- a contest to find our next guest designer -with the possibility to design for the wholesale end as well! (See details below)
- a giveaway (every kit order will receive 3 JBS Journaling Cards)!
- new "adopt-a-relative" program (see explanation in previous post)
- new extended gallery (gallery will now be keep archived for two years as opposed to one - you guys asked for this one)!
- new exclusive kit program for members (membership should have it's privileges, right?) Look for more details on this next week. This program will launch mid-month.
Now onto the previews for tonight's kits:

August 2008 Papercrafting Kit

See other previews in the previous post. The full details won't be revealed until the kits go for sale at midnight.

August 2008 Project Kit

Isn't this the sweetest thing ever? Somehow I managed to get my hands on enough of these old ice cream boxes to use them as a kit. The box measures 7.5" x 3", 2.5" deep. You will be making 6 long cards that fit perfectly inside each box. Perfect for your kitchen and a great conversation starter (or a great gift if you can bear to give it up)!!

August 2008 Add-On Kit

I specifically sought out books at the flea market last month that would coordinate with this kit! The detail on the pages is pretty cool (you will see more photos at the site tonight). I also picked up the beauty shop cards on a flea market trip several months ago. The street this shop was on must have been renamed as it doesn't appear to exist anymore! A very neat find.

All three kits go up tonight at 12:00 midnight central time!

Designer Contest Details - if you would like to enter the contest you will need to purchase the Papercrafting Kit this month. This is not a gimmick to sell more kits, but I need to see what each person can do with a "kit" in general and this equals the playing field to have everyone working with the same thing. If we sell out or there are other circumstances that keep you from being able to pick up a kit, we will have a back up plan. I will post about this and all of the other details next week. We will have a specific e-mail that projects/layouts will need to be sent to as well as size requirements. I will keep you posted! There will be product and monetary prizes as well. Stay tuned!!

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bradnigirl said...

i just wanted to remind you about the longest yard started to day!!!
i hope you can make it.

brandigirl said...

i just wanted to remind you about the longest yard started to day!!!
i hope you can make it.

becky said...

awesome sneak peeks!! it is going to be hard, but i will be there at midnight, lol!

now, since i am a member, will my "purchase" of the kit still bring in the free journaling cards (which i love!!)?? and i am VERY intrigued by the contest -- i love my kits!!

becky said...

ok, the new site is up -- LOOKS GREAT! now to just (patiently??) wait for the new kit info to be up!!

btw, i have some old books we have collected & was thinking you might like a couple :)

Anne Alley said...

The new kits are gorgeous!! I can't wait until they arrive :)

Cynthia, TX said...

I wanted to check out but the checkout button is missing.

Karine said...

New site looks great! and the items, as usual, are all yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the new site!
I love all the fun new things you are coming out with also! Can't wait to get my kit!

Stay funny said...

The new website looks so pretty and so happy about the DT contest! That makes me super happy *** insert jumping up and down here!!!***

kristina said...

Beautiful goodies and new website, Jenni! :)

Patty said...

you have made my birthday (august 1) very happy indeed! i love the new kits...patty

Ashley Newbert said...

I am SO excited about the box... you do such a wonderful job of putting together kits with a vintage element.

Sidenote: Has anyone seen my email about not receiving my July kit. I never got it and am anxious to! I was definitely charged. Thank you.

Paper Boutique said...
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Paper Boutique said...

Looooove the new website, ever since you made that label, so girly. I think it's the perfect fit for the site. The new line Victoria is gorgeous as well, looking forward to the DT. Can't believe the add on kits are gone

Michelle M said...

Your new site looks wonderful and I can barely stand the wait to get my first kit!

Jennifer Priest said...

Ooooh how exciting!!! Love the new kit and excited about the DT contest!!

Linda Cain said...

Great blog. I got some great pictures of you and your booth from CHA and put them on my blog.
Terrific products. Can't wait to see the contest.
Linda Cain

Jeanne said...

The new site looks amazing! I am never quick enough for the add ons:-)

Arlene said...

The ice cream boxes are darling! How do your kits work - are they an in-shop class, or do you mail them to anyone?

Willea said...

Love the new site! I've been looking around in the blog and the shop for some time now, today I signed up for my first kit :) - it looks soooooo beautiful! Can't wait until it arrives.

About the DT-contest - do you accept international participants? Hope so :)

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Beautiful! I order a kit for the first time and am so excited! I usually convince myself not to spend the money, but I decided to splurge this month. Can't wait for it to arrive. Great timing, as the kids will be back in school and I will have some time to create.