Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Obsession Begins . . .

Noah has been playing (and beating) gameboy and playstation games since he was 4. I have often threatened to enter him into one of those gaming competitions in the hopes that maybe he can get his higher education paid for (we are pretty sure there won't be any sports scholarships coming his way)! So it seemed only natural to him to buy Christian a gameboy game (and give him his old gameboy) for Christmas this year since he was 4. Truth is he would rather drive a real monster truck than to pretend to, but for now, he is into it just because his older brother thinks its cool!!

We are finally back in town (nice to sleep in my own bed last night)! I am sitting here amidst numerous bags from IKEA (got to make a trip to College Park when I was in MD) that are supposed to be motivating me to re-organize. I'm hoping to get to that tomorrow. Motivating me more is the new "Welcome" sign I got for my office door. I will post a photo of it tomorrow - I am so in love with it!!

I am overwhelmed by the response I've had to the newsletter sign up - REALLY! I am hoping to get a bunch of photos taken tomorrow and Wednesday so I can start posting some better hints (photos are just more fun)!

Happy Tuesday!

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Robyn (twinsplus1) said...

Oh Ikea! Such a dangerous place! :-) I go to the one in White Marsh (MD). I bought WAY too much for my scraproom the last time I was there...what did you get?

Amanda said...

Glad you are home and cannot wait to see pictures!

kellicrowe said...

monster truck maddness is here in atlanta on jan14th...just fyi:)
maxwell - 3 - talks about driving Big Foot all the time and wearing 'Merican (American) flag clothes and i can ride in the back and there will be cup holders for a nice cool drink.
raise them in the way that they shoud go and they will not depart from it.