Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Finally getting back into the swing of things! Got the Xmas decorations down today and organized toys. Now its on to my studio . . .!

Speaking of which, here is the Welcome Sign I just ordered for the door. I think the silver glitter is here to stay for me (even after Christmas). I even bought conversation heart ornaments at Marshalls for my Tinsel Tree (just so I could keep it around a little longer)!

Here are a couple of "photo" hints for the February Kits. These old MOP will be a part of the Project Kit:

And, this "sweet" stuff (don't worry, its not sugar) is a part of the Papercrafting Kit:

And. . . the background gives you a little hint as to the color scheme as well!

I am off to cook dinner for the little ones. As for me, I am having left-over Baked Potato soup from Panera Bread. It is my new tradition to buy a quart of it on Monday's to keep me well fed through the week. Just in case you wanted to know, they only serve it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays! In fact, here's a funny story:

The Monday before Christmas I sent my husband there on the way home from work (we just got a brand new one near our house) to pick me up a bowl. He called me on his cell phone when he got there to tell me that Baked Potato was not listed on the menu for the day. I quickly told him that he needed to inform the "new" employees of what day it was (shouldn't they know these things, geeesh). I listened as they told him that they had run out and had taken it off of the menu, but. . . they were expecting a truck any minute. Even though I whined, he wouldn't wait around (the nerve of him), so Broccoli and Cheese it was (which, by the way, is good, but not as good as the Baked Potato)!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Crystal said...

Very cute sign! Where did you find it (and your joy one too)?
And...speaking of baked potato soup, that's what I made myself for lunch today. Definitely yummy.

Jana said...

Love the little hints for the kit!! I hear ya about keeping sparkly stuff around a little bit longer, I still haven't been able to bring myself to take it all down yet! ;-)

Amanda said...

Ooooohhhhhh! I cannot wait til the kits ship. Love the sign!

Amy said...

Hi Jenni! Love your sign, where did you getit. Also will you post pictures of your studio? Pretty please:) What color of paint did you use on your walls? Can't wait for your kits!

melissa deakin said...

oh, so exciting!
those vintage buttons are so
love your 'welcome' sign!
can't wait to get started
with your kits.

Sarah said...

Oh.My.Lord... I am THE biggest sucker for MOP buttons. THE biggeset...(sigh). And glitter and paper that reminds me of shirts I used to wear in the 80s...I am BEYOND anxious here!

lee woodside said...

loving all these little hints!

Kim said...

Oh yummm...panera! love the Sierra Turkey sandwich with no onions!

Would love to sit and play with all those yummy buttons! My favorite...ivory buttons...especially with the threads still in them. Makes me think of all my buttons from my grandma!

REally enjoying your blog and looking forward to the kits you'll be offering soon!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh that sign is so "you!" Perfect for your studio door. Perfect!!!

I will have to try the baked potato soup. We have a Panera about a mile from my house. So far, I've only loved the desserts. LOL

teresa said...

I have that same Welcome sign! It's so yummy!

mommascrapbooks said...

Hey Jenni,
I had a friend send me your blog addy, I must say that I am really enjoying this blog thing too. I am a scrapper and I love ATC's-Artist Trading Cards and swaps.
I love the glitter sign and the tip on the potato soup. Penera, my fave! Karen

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

TFS! I really like O'Charley's potato soup, yet I haven't tried Panera's... so I must now!
Hey, I saw something I bet you'd like at the dollar spot at Target... a glittery little ditty like that sign for Val. day... I think it said "Love"? Ok... you are officially enabled to check it out. LOL
Oh, Jenni are you going to be at the CK convention in Nashville this year also?

Michelle B said...

Don't come between a girl and her potato! Broccoli..sheesh! the nerve of them. ;) I love, love, love potato soup. Total comfort food. That welcome sign is adorable! I can't wait to see the kit. I'm loving the hints. :)

Valerie said...

Love the sparkly sign!! And all the goodies to com in the kit, exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that Welcome sign? It's wonderful!


Jeanette said...

The welcome sign is perfect.

And I'm a big fan of Panera Bread too. My favorite is their chicken noodle soup.

Jen Otto said...

YES! I love that soup, especially when served in that yummy bread bowl! Didn't know you could buy it by the quart. I might be in trouble:o)

Don't know if you remember me, but we met when you came to MD for the grand opening of Recollections. I worked there & TA'd for you when you taught a class @ the Timonium store:o)We talked boys & potty training!

Jen O.

PS Love the sign. I'm into all things glittery these days!

Sue Bone said...

Love the teasers Jenni. Will you be shipping kits to the UK?


Robyn said...

Awesome Jenni! Love that sign and the hints! I can't wait! Can you help tell us how much the kits are gonna be?