Sunday, January 01, 2006

Newsletter sign-up problem!!!

Well, when I checked the site last night the link to sign up for the newsletter was working (which is why it appears some of you were able to get through). At some point after that, it started to give an error message (as many of you experienced). We are working on getting it fixed, but in the meantime . . .

You can send a note through the contact page (just put newsletter as your comment) and I will get you signed up. Many of you did this already - thanks!!

Or, if you left me a note on the blog, I will get you signed up too.

I will finally be back in town tomorrow- and hopefully in the swing of things more. I promise to post more photos this week.

The photo I posted here (and on the website) of the heart is actually part of the Project Kit for February (Not the subscription, Papercrafting Kit). Just thought I would clarify that for you. I haven't posted any hints (photos anyway) of the Papercrafting Kit.

Thanks so much for all of the comments and for the interest!! I am REALLY excited about seeing this develop and being able to form a community of people who love the same things I do - that is just so cool!!
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Sarah said...

Not sure if mine went through or not then...I clicked on the "Click Here to subscribe" on one page and it gave me an error. Then I clicked it on another page in the site and it seemed to go through..? Hope it did- don't want to miss out on any of the fun!
Thanks for the heads up, Jenni!

denisehill said...

I was able to sign up from another page that had that link, but not from the homepage - it was the one that gave me an error message. Keep hanging in there, I know you'll get those little technical bugs worked out soon!

Hey, Feb isn't that far away... I can hardly wait to be able to purchase the kits and the projects... got another hint coming our way anytime soon? :-)

Lisa Chapman said...

Please sign me up as well. I tried to get on earlier and was not able and now I can not even get the website up. I tried from my computer at work earlier and this time was from home!! It will all get worked out, I am sure! My e-mail is

TracieClaiborne said...

Hey Jenni! Love your site!!!! I love the "about me" page. Too cool. The site is so "you."

marlo said...

Yup, I was one that couldn't get signed up. But I will do that now. Can't wait.

Valerie said...

Hey Jenni!! Happy New Year!! I am so excited about your new site and thenpapercrafting kit. I signed up for the newsletter and it seemed to go through so hopefully it's okay!!

Amy said...

Not really a comment about today's blog, but wanted to sat hi. I am originally from MD and now living in TN (Memphis). Is that where you spent the holidays? We did the drive (have yet to spend Christmas here) and for the first time did 14 hours home in one stretch-3 pm to 4 am. Nice to read a blog from someone close by!

kellicrowe said...

I think I went thru...but just in case
I would like to sign up for the newsletter as well.
ps - the stuff I could see on the site looks great!