Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Break . . .
This has pretty much been the scene at my house this week. We are feverishly preparing for the County Living Fair next week, but we did manage to sneak out to see Secretariat today (which was a lovely film by the way). I just wish I could snuggle up beside him and play too - he looks awfully comfortable ( a little bit too comfortable)!

Mid-Month release coming Friday at Mercantile (look for the previews tomorrow).
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Anonymous said...

Love fall break...He looks so comfy.


maryjo said...

so are those adopted relatives in the photograph over the headboard. hee hee. had to ask.

Anonymous said...

Husband wants to take us to that movie so who am I to complain? Family friendly one, I've heard! Yay!
Nice mid-month goodies. Anyway, you could sell more of those Ice Tickets from last month?...only to members?