Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adopted Relatives - an unexpected decorating resource . . .

It's no secret to my friends and family that I have a weird obsession with photos of other people's friends and family. Although I have in my possession some original, cherished photographs from both sides of our family, I don't have many. I hear stories of people being handed down boxes and boxes of photos and or albums. Ahhh. . . to dream! I have resolved for now to be the one who rifles through the boxes of those lucky people at the flea market or estate sale and rescue those lucky few who "speak" to me. While I use them much in my crafting (and will talk more about that in another post), it is also not beyond me to use them in my decorating.

For example, this wonderful painting is residing in my dining room for the moment. The ethereal blue/green background blends with my wall color perfectly. It didn't have it's frame, but that was one of the things I loved about it. I realize this isn't for everyone, but I truly love the feeling I get from rescuing a memory and giving it a home outside of the attic.

And as a little side note, if you love Cracker Barrel then you know "Uncle Herschel's Breakfast". Uncle Herschel was the good will ambassador for Cracker Barrel for many years and he past away in 1998. I went to an auction last year for much of his estate and this painting came from it. I would have to assume that it wasn't family or surely it wouldn't have ended up in the auction (or at least I like to think not)! Either way, I like to dream that he was a handsome young man who loved eggs and grits for breakfast!
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Mandy Smith said...

I also love other people's family photos. I like to imagine what kind of people they were. So interesting. I recently found old native american family photos at an antique auction. SCORE!!!!

janine said...

I'm one of the lucky people. Generations before me in my family never tossed anything out. I have quite a few of their old photos, dating back to the 1800s. But, one of my favorite treasures that my grandma gave me 30 years ago (when I turned 16) is a leather journal from her mother's, mother. She kept the journal throughout a portion of her teen years---the journal was even handmade by her father. It's amazing to read some of the entries and what life was like back then.

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Ahhh I too have the same obsession for other's old photos. I buy ones that speak to me too. I have one on my blog now that spoke to me to make a collage out of. And I also display them around the house. My family thinks I'm weird! LOL I love Cracker Barrel and that photo is great with great colors! Thanks for sharing

Cari Skuse said...

I do the same thing too, Jenni! I have photos of people that I have collected since I was in college. I love to go to the antique store near me and look through the boxes of photos! You never know what you may find. I bought one of my favorite photos on eBay of school children (I collect those too and have them in my powder room) dressed in their Halloween costumes around 1910.
Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only "strange" one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the old picture. That is a neat story of where you got it. I love Cracker Barrel and all their old stuff and the old pictures hanging around in there. I have a few realy neat old ones of my husband's family. I need to dust them off and find a "center" place to put them. One of them is in one of the old oval thick glass frames. I don't know why I haven't brought it out....Thanks
for the inspiration.


Charlotte said...

Actually, I'm with Noah on this one, Sweetie. I don't like the way his eyes follow me around the room! It's kind of creepy (especially when I'm there by myself)! I love everything else you use to decorate though. :-) Love you, Mom

Lynn said...

OMG, we are so much alike. Well, you are tall, thin, dark hair, and I am short, thick, and orange (natural) hair. But, I love vintage photos. My favorite ones are those of chidren. I have many themed and hung up in the rooms in my house. I try to find vintage looking frames to put the pics in. Two of my favorite pictures are those photos in the beautiful oval frames with the bubble glass and the photos look like they have been hand tinted. We found two at two different antique stores in two seperate small towns in our home state of NC. When my baby daughter grew up and moved out or rather moved to a house that my bil lived in and he left it to my husband when he passed away. Anyway DD is happy living over there and we turned her bedroom inot the guest room and I decided to decorate it like an old nursery. So, I have those two vintage photos hanging on the wall. Over the bed, I have a vintage painting of a little girl in bed with her pet dog. I have bronzed baby shoes that I bought at antique stores, old children's books, antique baby toys and rattlers, my husband's baby cup, his hospital braclet, my 1st pair of little white walking shoes, my baby dresses hanging on vintage children hangers, and other little toys, dolls, and stuff animals sitting around in there. We have had many comments on the lovely room and many comments on how crazy I am to hang up pictures of strangers in my home. Have a great time hunting at the antique stores and estate auctions.

jo te raa said...

I wonder who he is?
I have a lo of old family pic but if I see photos in a store I have to buy them as it makes me sad they are there.

I have heard stories about a huge photo of my great great grandfather that hung in the house. He died in the first world war and in the 60s the photo just vanished from the house....it was the only one anyone had :(
I hope someone found it and rescued it too from a junk shop :)