Sunday, October 28, 2007

What I've been up to. . .
A little sneak peek at the Project Kit for November. A "Thankful" 4 paneled centerpiece using my brand new Star House Chipboard, vintage wallpaper and dictionary pages. I am using mine with a candle enclosed in glass (so the flame does not reach out of the glass- be careful!) but it would also be great around a small vase of flowers.
This is one of the new vintage kits for November- a garland made from old milk caps and vintage jewelry findings. It actually makes a GREAT bracelet as well!! I am addicted to making these- I think everyone in my family will have one to hang on their key hooks (this one is for my little sister).

Isn't this the sweetest?? It is a paperweight I made from an old zinc and porcelain Ball jar lid. You will get a lid, an old grocery store tab from the early 1900's, the tiny beads and an old bingo chip (you just need to find a photo and add some glaze)!!

All are available November 1st!

I am on creative overload at the moment. I went to the Flea Market on Friday and again today. It is the largest of the year and many vendors come from across the country just for this one month. I hope to do a long post about it by the end of the week to show you some of my finds and share some stories. I bought a child's European mannequin that is DIVINE - I paid a pretty penny for it, but it will be cherished (and if you come to CHAW you will get to see it in our booth)!

More a little later this week!

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Jan[n] said...

Oh Jenni -- these are WONDERFUL! I love them....can't wait til Nov 1st!

We went to the flea market also on Saturday -- and I found a few treasures much fun. A little overwhelming though -- so funny to walk by booths with bundles of socks and in the next one find a precious old turkey cookie cutter or old rubber stamps. We didn't make it all the way through -- but still had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see your "finds" -- especially the mannequin!

aday said...

I hope to see CHAW someday.

At our scrapbook retreat this weekend one of our vendors is suppose to have your new stuff. I am waiting to talk to her to stake my claim on the goodies 1st

becky said...

wah! flea market season here is done. so sad. love the chipboard house :)

just lisa said...

I love all your products! I just made the cutest 7 gypsies mini album using your red vintage line and also the journaling cards. I also love your rubons and birds. Your projects are always so beautiful!

Robyn said...

Jenni, that flea market just sounds divine! I'm more than a little jealous! :D

Can't wait for the first!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!
Still waiting on more pics of your wonderful studio!

Tina said...

Love them and all your stuff! Can't wait!