Monday, February 16, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

On this grey and icy day here in Nashville, my thoughts are leaning towards Spring.  And in that spirit, today I'm sharing with you a part of my cigarette card collection.  There were many, many themes of cigarette trading cards varying from manly interests to more feminine interests (and everything in between).  For years I have collected them - and shared them in kits and in the Flea Market at Mercantile.  But I keep many - in particular right now anything that has to do with nature.  Shown here are mixed pieces on tree themes and garden themes. They seem to be consistently making their way into my tiny collages as of late - and I don't see tiring of them any time soon!

Happy Monday!
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1 comment:

hobbemom said...

I love those too. My favorite are the birds