Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Insta-Frames . . .

I must confess.  I ordered the photos I used below straight from my phone using my Postal Pix app in early December as I intended to give these easy "Insta-Frame" magnets as Christmas gifts to family.  It didn't happen . . . but there's always next year!  And if you want a head start on a great gift idea for next year too (or just need to decorate your fridge), here's how I did it:

These wood veneer frames are available here in the General Store.  They come in a set of 4, each slightly different.  When I designed them originally it was specifically for Instagram pics (2" square photos), but you can trim larger photos down of course.  It's as simple as adding your photo and then adding magnet circles (or cut lengths of magnet tape) to the backs.  I think it would be great to stack them up and tie with twine for gifting.  Think out of the box for displaying too - no need to keep to the fridge.  I added my set to an old metal paper drawer in my studio.  Quick and easy - just how I like it these days!

Happy Wednesday!  Jenni 
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