Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Want to come and sit a spell?

This is what becons me everyday . . . taunting me to come and rock for awhile.

Afterall, there should be a reward after climbing all of these stairs!

Happy Tuesday!  Hope yours was as beautiful as ours was. 
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Anonymous said...

just gorgeous! Picture perfect. Your brick people did an amazing job! Love the rocking chair. I'd love to come sit a spell with you. LOL, i do believe you do deserve a reward after climbing those stairs! I think I'd choose chocolate. TFS. We had a good day too. I made jewelry heart inchies for a swap. LenaS

Anonymous said...

I could use a few hours in that rocking chair!! Would love to sit for a while and rock my sweet baby Wyatt! Cheryl

April said...

Yes, the chair is beakoning to sit a spell...you schould before your busy season starts. The photo also makes me yearn for more. Would love to see your home on a home tour...especially the craft study and how you incorporate vintage into your daily life and rooms.

Cynthia@Beach Coast Style said...

Oh I love the rocking chair on the porch!