Thursday, December 23, 2010

I wonder who these are for. . .

. . .because there was still just one room in my house that didn't have a feedsack pillow in it (well, not counting the kitchen and the dining room and of course the bathrooms)!

Aunt Sue was at the Bowlin homeplace a while back and noticed these there. They belonged to Grandma Bowlin and were just about the cleanest sacks I have ever seen. They also had the neatest graphics I had ever seen, with just a bit of yellow - perfect for our bedroom. My Mother-In-Law sewed them into pillows for me (as she has done so many times before).

I suppose I owe you guys a picture of them on my bed, eh??
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Jill said...

Now THAT is a gift. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Oh those are very cool. And even more special since they are from your grandma. Priceless. Yes, lets see them in their new spot.

Have a Merry Merry Christmas Jenni