Saturday, July 25, 2009

Something to tide you over. . .
Be checking the Inspiration Blog for kit previews from Doris!! Since I will be at CHA, I won't be able to post here like I do the night before. I do have a quick tease however of the Project Kit (which I am in love with and am already planning a Christmas version) and a layout I did with some of the new JBS product that will be in the Papercrafting Kit!!

Here is the Project Kit tease:

And here is a fresh layout (I LOVE these new Rub-On Singles!!!!!!):

And. . . this was flea market weekend and I found some treasures!! Here are a few:

This is for our booth (shoving it in the suitcase!)

Cute little advertising notebooks (oh these make me so happy!)

An old paste necklace and small antique tintype album, still with it's working clasp.
Packing up, getting last minute things ready! We are taking the kids with us this time. My mom is going to meet us in Orlando and keep the kids busy at Disney while we are at show. My house is chaotic at the moment, but nobody knows anything else these days!
Have a great weekend!

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Fryne said...

gorgeous creations!

Michelle said...

what great finds!!! i went to a flea market yesterday and was so excited to find some old bottles & jars :)

Michelle said...

be still my beating heart! Everything you posted is totally gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a great show and Happy Memories at Disney! LenaS

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful show & give my hugs to the Girls too! Wish I could send you Sprinkles to get you through those grueling days!!
P.S. and I know what a tintype album is 'cuz of your BPS class!!! LOVE it! haha.

Jill W. said...

Thats some great stuff!!

Mandi Graber Johnson said...

Fun finds! I'm so glad you told me about the Country Living weekend in Ohio. I'm already making plans to attend! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty necklace! Love the book!

ELiScrAper said...

How much do you know about tintypes? I have one of my family and I don't know how to take care of it. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Rebekah Williams said...

Love the marshmallow container! Great treasures found.

Jeanneoli said...

I love the album with the clasp...that is gorgeous and such a great find.

Wendy said...

wow, you had some great finds! wish i had time to go through flea markets and antique shops.. love your creations and hope cha went well.

Paige Thomas King said...

I am writing in order to establish contact with you. Rebecca Sower told me you have been to my shop here in Clarksville (Hodgepodge), which I am pleased to hear. My sister, Kendall, and I are working to put together a crafting event on Oct 23 & 24. (Think a "baby" Silver Bella.) We will host it here on the top floor of our building. We're hoping to convince you and some of your design team to join us for the event as teachers and vendors.
My phone number is 931-302-3750. I'd love to have the opportunity to talk with you and plead our case.
Please let me know if you're not interested so we don't delude ourselves into thinking you might be, by virtue of the fact that we haven't heard from you.
With highest regard,
Paige King

stephanie howell said...

jenni- that damask rubon KILLS me. pure perfection. can't wait to see all of the beautiful new stuff! xo

{t} said...

Have you any black damask paper? I am looking for some for a decor project.

krista said...

love all of the new stuff, the rub ons are to die for!!! just put them up on our site
we put out your CHA order out this past weekend and they have flown off the shelves.