Wednesday, March 04, 2009

First Road Trip Destination!!!

I'm headed to Lafayette, LA this weekend to Treasured Memories! My first time to set foot in Louisiana!

While my first class is sold out, I did open up a second class this week where will be making these sweet Pom Pom dangles:

You can actually sign up here at the Treasured Memories website.

I am headed to Texas in April (will post about that next week), to Scrap Etc. and Inspired in May and to Southern CA in June (look for more info. on these events soon).

Speaking of Inspired, the mini workshop schedule opened yesterday. I just looked and my first class is sold out but there are currently (as of 4:00 central time) 10 spots available in the second class after dinner on Thursday evening. We are decorating these sweet little Dennison boxes and making tiny photo cards. It has taken me 4 years to collect enough of these empty boxes to do this class!

And if you are no where near either of these events, here is some inspiration just for hanging in there!

Flea Market treasures from my latest trip - I scored some GREAT photos for future kits!!
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am soooo excited to be able to take both classes in Lafayette. Can't wait to meet you. Great flea market finds.

Michelle said...

I am soo wishing I lived farther south right now! You always find the best treasures, too.

Kristi H. said...

Right about now I'm wishing I wasn't a "Left Coaster!" Your workshop projects look so amazing, esp. the pom-pom dangles. Maybe a future project kit?

Hope to see some pics of your newly revamped studio soon. I've been on pins and needles waiting!!!

Mimmers49 said...

That looks like a super fun kit!

stephanie howell said...

so when are you coming to waco to teach? hmmmm? i'll take you to the flea market! heee! xo

Rachel Carlson said...

safe travels and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

LOve those flea market treasures!

Kimmi said...

Oh !!! I'm so upset I missed you!! I didn't know you were coming..I'm only about 45mins-hour from Lafayette!!

Sarah Hodgkinson said...

Let me know if you are heading north...way Canada that is. We'd love to have you up here!!! I had a play with Farmer's Wife last night (that sounds bad) and posted it on my blog today.
Safe travel!

wendywoo said...

I can't wait to see if you post any of the pictures from Breaux Bridge. We all had a great time and enjoyed your coming and sharing your scrapbook knowledge at our Mega Crop. You are welcome to come anytime. Tell Jared it was very nice to meet him too, and I'll have the packages in the mail tomorrow.

Ingrid said...

absolutely wonderful !
Ingrid from france