Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mid-Month Christmas Crafting Extravaganza!!!

Tomorrow, November 20th at 9:00 p.m. central time we will premier several limited edition Christmas crafting kits. Check back tomorrow for even more previews, but here is what I got for now! (Edited - no more previews, this is it! Didn't get anything else ready. Look for the extra Silver Bella Kits, the Christmas Countdown Kit, the Christmas Card Kit and the Milk Cap Ornament Kit under Limited Edition Kits at the site beginning at 9:00 central time. Orders will ship out by Monday the 24th).

Yep, they're back! You get all you need to make two milk cap ornaments packaged in a pillow box with color photo and instructions (that part is new this year)! Only difference from photo is you get vintage buttons instead of the green looking rhinestone and the brass setting may be a little different.

Okay- this is my favorite!!! I can't stop looking at it. One of my WONDERFUL Silver Bella Students pointed out in my last class that the bingo cards could work as an advent calendar (I hope she posts and takes credit)! It never occurred to me that there were 24 squares, 1 -24, on the cards (and the center star is perfect for the 25th, Christmas Day)! I suppose this is more like a "countdown" instead of an advent calendar. I used my sewing machine to sew on a piece of a page protector (cut across the top of each square with an craft knife) to create the pockets. I am digging into my vintage pearl cluster earring stash for this one! You get all you need to complete it as shown. Full details at the site tomorrow. It measures 5" wide by 14" high.

I used the regular bingo cards, "Faith", to do my Christmas cards last year. Still, after so many comments from friends and family, it didn't occur to me until recently to put together a Christmas card kit (I'm a little slow people)! Having the new Bingo cards made for perfect timing I guess. Each kit has enough materials to make 12 cards (includes assortment of large Bingo Cards, package of scalloped notecards, sheet of tab stickers, and green buttons).

I'm finishing up at least one more project tonight. Check back tomorrow!

Also- I have a few kits left from my 2 Silver Bella Classes (including the Mini Bingo Card Houses shown several posts ago). These will go up for sale tomorrow evening as well for $40 each and include color photos and general instructions.

More tomorrow!

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Mellisa said...
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Mellisa said...

What an amazing time you all must have had. I know two of your Bella's and their blogs are full of praise and raves for a wonderful experience.

Brian K said...

Glad you had a great time!

Now, as in the Mervyn's add..."open, open, open " (waiting for tomorrow's kits)

Jeanneoli said...

Yeah!!! I can't wait. Lets just hope I can remember to check your site before everything sells out.

Renee said...

Seriously! My head is dancing with visions of sugar plums after visiting the create section of the JBS site. I may never work out, clean house or watch tv again! Every one of the designers made me gasp-Seriously amazing.

scrapanath said...

really love those projects!!

saffiertje said...

Oh wow, the idea of a calender is perfect!!!!