Friday, September 14, 2007

Guest Gallery and Restocks
In case you haven't noticed, the Guest Gallery is still not updated (you will see Michelle Hill's photo, but last September's projects). I will get this updated shortly - we had to make a last minute change and flip flop Oct. and Sept. designers as a kit got held up in customs).
Also, restocked tonight: Double Sided Name/Date Stamp, Bracket Stamp, Butterfly Chipboard, Sun Frame Chipboard, Bling Embellishment Tin and Vintage Bird Book Necklace Kit (just a few more as I found more cards).
Have a great weekend!
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Stephanie said...

thanks Jenni! just wanted to let you know I LOVE this kit....I think it is my favorite so far! can't wait to dive into it! looking forward to the guest gallery.

Kelly said...

I can wait to see what Michelle did with it too!!
And I can't wait to get my kits in the mail!!

***Hi Stephanie (above) ;o)***

Anonymous said...

Any sneak peeks for the upcoming kits soon? I miss sneakpeeks!