Sunday, December 03, 2006

From my programmer. . .
My very sweet, hard working programmer wrote up something to post here last night (you will see it below). He always explains things to me very well. He has answered a few of the questions people have asked and has also fixed a couple of the glitches people found early on. Please continue to send us a note through the contact link (not here please) so we can contact you directly to let you know when we have fixed your specific issue. I will most likely have another post later today about the final issues a couple of people are having (and that they are fixed hopefully)! It seems to be the same 2 or 3 issues left that we are hearing about.
"Phew! What a day. First, let me introduce myself. My name is David
and I worked with Jenni on getting the new site up. I can't take credit for any of the great looking design (I draw crooked stick men), but unfortunately get to take credit for the bugs that slipped through testing.
I know many of you were very excited about the launch of the new site, and I apologize to those who experienced problems. Jenni has been great to work with and was very patient while I tracked down the cause of the few bugs that slipped through. I will explain them below, so you will know if you saw them that we are aware of them.

First, I will try to explain why some of you can't get to the new site (you may see a "404 error" or still hit the old site). I will do this with an analogy that hopefully makes sense. If you wanted to call someone whose phone number you didn't know, you would look in the phone book and dial the number. If that person's phone number had changed since the last phone book came out, you would get a message saying the number wasn't right. If you waited till next year and got a new phone book, the number would be correct in the new phone book and you could call them.
The internet works EXACTLY like that. When your computer wants to "call" a website, it looks up the address (this is called an IP address).
If your Internet Service Provider has an old "Phone Book" (this is called a DNS Cache), then they will give you the wrong number. Each ISP can configure when it gets a new phone book. Some of them are set to get a new one every few hours, some are set to get one every three days. If your ISP is the kind that has a three day wait period, I am sorry to have to say, you may have to be patient. Keep trying over the next hours and day or so and it WILL come up.
If any of you get to the new site (you can tell it is the new site because it starts with flash animation) and THEN get an error after that, please don't hesitate to let me know and we will work together to find the answer.

Second, there was the bug that showed itself by an error message next to the 'First Name' label. This was a tough one to reproduce, but I believe I have solved it. If any of you experienced this problem, please give it a try again. You should get through just fine now.

Third there was a bug that showed itself by an error message stating the
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0005'
Invalid procedure call or argument: 'instrrev'
/eco/, line 39

This error was due to a problem with our server trying to talk to the USPS server to calculate shipping costs, and us getting an answer we didn't know how to handle. Though I haven't yet solved this issue, I did change it so it will give you a better error message and give you some instructions on how to proceed. I will continue trying to reproduce the problem and fix it, but if any of you see it before me, please don't hesitate to email the message that comes up.
Thanks David!
We also know about a couple of you who got the notice in your cart that you are "already signed up for memberhsip". You are not if you haven't checked out before (it is a glitch connected to when you filled out your info.) and I think I know why it is showing you that. We will know more today.
And, for those of you who can't get the membership price to show up even when you click on that button, we think we know why are are working on that as well. This is only happening to a few.
Nothing major- most are getting through fine (not fun to hear for those who aren't I know) but we are working on it and will get it all smooth here very soon.
Oh- also. I have a quick question for my UK friends! (Please excuse my ignorance): From what I know, in all cases I believe, England and United Kingdom are one in the same as far as how I need to receive and write the addresses on the boxes. Is this a correct statement? I'm not sure why it shows you both choices in the drop down then (which seems to cause a problem because it wants you to choose England)??
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wendy said...

I feel like such a dodo, but I can only get your flash screen. If I click on any of the pictures, they all disapper and all I have left is your log up top, and nothing else is happening. What am I doing wrong??


Jennie said...

Jenni, England and the UK are not the same!! I mean someone who lives in Scotland would not write England on their address line, the same as someone who lived in Wales. However we are all part of the UK. We all share the same postal code system (Zip codes to you).I have been using UK in the drop down, so maybe that's what's going wrong for me, maybe I should be using England. But would you put England if you lived in Scotland, or use UK?

Anyway I am off to have one last ditch attempt!

Hope you littlun, gets better soon.

Karen said...

I have the same problem as Wendy. I can't contact you through the "contact link" because I cannot get the contact link!