Thursday, May 04, 2006

Website Issues
It seems that the storms caused a delay for my webteam. The kits finally went up for sale around 1:30a.m. So sorry for those of you who stayed up and then gave up! We still have both kits available this morning for any of you that went to bed!
For the most post things are processing normally, but here are a few items that I know about and have alerted my team to. I expect all of these things to be fixed by this evening:
1.- the May descriptions are not there (it is still showing the April descriptions). I have alerted the team about this.
2.- for the membership add-on for the Project kit - it is not recognizing some of the people who did the pre-sign up for May (even though you are on this list, so no worries!). They are working on this and it should be fixed by tonight. We have plenty of the Project kits left, so if you could check back tonight that would be great!
3.- the contact link at the site is not working. If you have an issue that doesn't pertain to #'s 1 and 2, please just send me a note to
I will keep posting throughout the day as we get some of these things resolved. Thanks so much for everyone's patience!
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Lisa Cole said...

Will the monthly inspiration be posted soon? Can't wait to see that!

Michelle said...

The kit is gorgeous!!!!

natalietran said...

Hi Jenny...

I am so feeling your pain with the website issues right now... People just don't realize what a nightmare it is when the web designers do the coding and all the issues you run into trying to get things to work!! The kits look great!! Let me know if you ever need any help with website issues... I feel like I have been thru it all... :)

Natalie Tran

Jenn from MA said...

The kit is so steller! I can't wait to see it in person!! And, I have to make a comment about how you display is truly amazing. I love all your doo-dads and knick knacks and antiques. You should come to Massachusetts with me and go to the Brimfield Fair one of these times. We would have a BLAST hunting for vintage treasure and items to alter!!