Thursday, May 04, 2006

Project Kit Add-On
We got most things worked out today (I believe!), but there are few people that we have on the May pre-sign up list whose e-mail is not being recognized in the system to get your reduced shipping for the Project kit. It has something to do with the coding - it doesn't mean that you are not in there. So, lets just do this. If you would like to add on the Project kit to ship with your membership and the cart doesn't recognize your e-mail, go ahead and check out and pay full shipping. Shoot me an e-mail ( after you do this and I will refund you for the difference in what you paid and the flat rate.
The contact link is still not working. My webguy is working with the hosting company on it.
I have a few more e-mails to get to, but it probably will not be until late tonight, but I will respond!
Have I mentioned how much I hate the computer (I suppose it's a love/hate relationship)! Ugggh!
And Jenn in MA . . . I am soooooo going to Brimfield soon! The owner of my favorite local antique store is going next week. I can't wait to hit the store when she gets back! I bought a HUGE window from her yesterday that was from an old Catholic girls school that she had mirrors added to. It was my birthday present to myself!
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sarah green said...

Have fun antique shopping!! Have just had a look on the web for the new kit (which I re-subscribed to) and it looks great, and then I clicked into the monthly inspiration but it has gone back to March inspiration...???

Anonymous said...


Oh wow, your antiquing sounds so fun. Be sure to sometime post that window with the mirrows. It sounds really cool. I have an old window and it hasn't hit me yet just how to use it.

I can hardly wait to get this new kit...I love love love the flowers. And anxious to see pages from Teresa-she is one of my many favorites.

Take care.


Eileen said...

I'd like to add on the Project kit to ship with my membership. I've entered my credit card info and got an error message. Please advise.


k8tykat said...

i think i registered last month for the subscription to start with may but when i went to add on the other kit it said my email address wasn't registered. could you check into this for me? i do want the subscription and the added kit for may.
kerry yeary

jill said...

where did april's inspiration go?? i'm sitting here scrapping and wanting to see some of the mask examples!!:) of course i pick the one day that it's not

happy scrap day!