Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quick Post
I wish I had more time in the day (don't we all)! I plan out my week (in my head) and it NEVER seems to go as planned. Friday comes and I didn't make it to half the things on my list.
We had a meeting last Friday with our new webteam. They are working now to rebuild our database and website. You won't notice many changes at first to the site, although we do have plans next month to do some refining to most of the pages. Most of the changes affect us and what we do behind the scenes. I will post more about the changes (you will appreciate all of them!) this week as I learn more about when they will be implemented.
I will post in the next two days about continuing a membership for those who's membership ended with the April kit. We will be sending out an e-mail as well to those people.
I don't know about where you are, but here in Nashville we seemed to have missed Spring again. It has been in the upper 70's even 80's for days now. We probably only had about 7 days in the 60's this year. I'm not complaining though - either way I'm glad to see the cold weather go away. I am a major flip flop girl!! I would wear them all year round if I wouldn't get strange looks.
More to come this week - I will tease the May kit some more! We will have quite a bit more of these kits to sell on the website at the first of the month and don't anticipate to sell out quite as fast as we did last month!
Have a great night. . .
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sarah green said...

Looking forward to the sneeky of the May kit..... and you bet I will be first in line to re-subscribe... loving it. Its autumn here and we have been lucky to have some really warm weather... school holidays yeah!!!

Vee said...

we are enjoying the spring weather here in DC
just love it
can't wait to see more sneek peaks at the May kit

Linda joseph said...

Can't wait for the May kit! I am obssesed. We skipped spring in Texas, 95 yesterday! Can't believe we had to turn the air conditioners on in April!

marygrace said...

you sound busy, busy, busy. :) just make sure to take time to enjoy your weather. ice cream sounds good. :D hugs!

Kimber-Leigh said...

Here in north Texas it's either cold (for about a week), hot, hotter, or hottest. Currently, hot (though a cool front came in today. But it will probably be gone by tomorrow.) We really only experience a brief winter and a looong summer.

Longing for the southeast (NC) and my favorite seasons...spring and autumn. Thankfully your kits are bringing spring color my way!

jill said...

can't wait to see more!! i check back multiple times a day!!! :)

your kits are AWESOME...i hate to even use them...they just look so pretty the way they are packaged!!!

you're amazing!

Michelle said...

Love my tins.. I just like to put stuff in them and look. :)

Using my March kit up right now and then on to April.

Can't wait to see more of May!