Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feb. Subscribers whose membership is up. . .
We have been busy making changes with our new webteam for the site (you are going to LOVE these changes!!). In the meantime, we have tried to come up with a temporary way this month to renew our Feb. subscribers and this is what we have come up with.
If your membership was up with the April kit and you would like to continue for another 3 months, please go to the website and click on the link under the "sold out" button on the Papercrafting Kit page (or click here- ) This will take you to a sign up page where you will enter all of your shipping/billing information to start a subscription again with the May kit. This will essentially start you over (and give you a chance to make sure we have the most updated information in the database). You do have to fill in all of the information again and submit it. Unfortunately, our current system will not send you a confirmation (this is changing soon!) but you will get a "success" type screen that lets you know if came through. If you do not sign up again using this link, we will just assume you would not like to continue your membership at this time. We will be sending out an e-mail to those people this specifically applies to in the next 2 days, but most of you know who you are and can go ahead and sign up whenever you would like.
I will post about the changes coming to the site in May tomorrow or Sat. (I don't want to confuse the above right now). All I can say is the future will be effortless! I'm so excited!
I REALLY need to get my house under control next week (before we start packing May kits). I spent this afternoon going through the boys clothes and organizing everything (transitioning into summer). Got 4 loads of laundry done too so that was an accomplishment!
Jared was in Charleston the past two days for a convention. He called me many times telling me how much I would love it so we are planning a trip! He went into a shop near his hotel full of seashells but told me he didn't know what I would like (I really need to train him better). Didn't he know I would like ANYTHING from there? He came home with some sugar coated pralines instead.
I'd better get off now - I am being called to watch "Transporter 2". (I really think I had my fill with Transporter 1).
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vegasandvenice said...

How fun! An excursion to Charleston! Please don't forget that camera *smile*

Anonymous said...

Charleston ROCKS! Such a cool old city. Lots of photo ops. Gotta see the big ships across the bay, the aquarium, the old cities. And then . . . you need to take the 2 hour drive down to Savannah because that place is even better. Wait 'til you see the antique shops on EVERY corner. LOL! No bias here. :)

Jen Gallacher

sarah green said...

Just re-signed for the kit... can't wait, received the april kit friday its awesome but as yet havent had a chance to play with it... so have just been admiring it.. so what's up for may????!!!

Anonymous said...

we want the may kit, we want the may kit, we want the may kit LOL

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh Jenni - you would absolutely adore Charleston. I went once when I was singing and we opened up for Johnny Paycheck. heehee Too funny, huh? (Take this job and shove it??)

I could absolutely love in Charleston. Sooo many wonderful homes and shops. Makes me wanna go back just thinking about it!