Monday, February 09, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

Over the years, I have sold alot of milk caps.  I mean ALOT.  In fact, if you have been a patron of our site since the beginning, I bet you have your own little collection.  That's why it seems so ironic that this Monday's share is milk caps. 

I'm a big fan of typography and the care put into the design of an item that was tossed and forgotten is just something you don't find as often in today's society.  Over the years I have set back extra special ones and have amassed quite a collection.  If I'm needing some creative inspiration, my milk caps are often my go-to source.

Happy Monday!
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Katey said...

In Dunlap on the WLYS there was a vendor who had bought a huge collection of milk bottle memorabilia. It saddened me to see this whole wonderful collection being divided and sold. An older gentleman had been collecting forever and it was part of his estate. I spent a good deal of time there in 2013 and last year as well looking at the books and books of caps placed safely in "coin holder" books and organized by dates and locations. I bought a few just to remind me of this great collection.

hobbemom said...

I love milk caps too...and yes I have my own little collection from your flea markets, events and kits. Love looking at them and have trouble using them sometimes and especially cutting them. eek! And Katey...what a neat story of the collection you saw. that would be awesome to see.