Monday, September 22, 2014

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

Lately I have been listing some great mini typewriters in the Flea Market at Mercantile so I thought it was appropriate to share with you this week the one I kept!

This little gem sits on my converted chair/table, ready and waiting to create little captions and flags for my current projects.  The biggest reason I chose to keep this exact one???? - the ribbon was still wet and I didn't have to go hunting on Ebay for a ribbon (at least not yet)!

Happy Monday!
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hobbemom said...

Oh I love that chair/table too. I love typing on those little typewriters. Adds something special to any project.

Anonymous said...

Love that you share your favorites here. I just ordered a bunch of goodies from the JBS Flea Market, I can't wait to get them!!! :) Evie