Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Collections with meaning . . .

I have always been drawn to anything to do with education - old diplomas, yearbooks, individual school photos and full class photos.  I have collected all of the above for years, never with any connection to a school or a person.  As always, it's just been my little attempt to preserve a bit of history and decorate my home at the same time.  In fact, last year my class photo and diploma wall was featured in Country Living and as I wondered might happen, I heard from a relative of one of the diploma holders!

I think for any collector, to actually own a piece that has a family connection is the highest of highs.  When Jared's sweet grandmother past away a couple of years ago, my mother-in-law found both of her parents graduation class photos - in perfect condition (Grandma Thompson wouldn't have settled for anything less).  She very kindly gave them to me and I had them framed in two flea market finds.  I just recently got them hung.

That is Grandma Thompson second up from the left bottom. . .

and that is Grandad Thompson second from the right, bottom row (that's were my MIL's curls come from).  His name was Lafayette.

So is there anyone out there that would be fighting me for the old yearbooks at the flea market??

And, by the way . . . if you already have a frame, it is wonderfully inexpensive to walk into Hobby Lobby and have them add the glass, backing and wire for you.  If you have ever had anything professionally framed you know how expensive it is - but it's all in the frame itself.  I keep a stash of old frames on hand in many sizes so I won't ever have to purchase a new one again!

Happy Wednesday!

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hobbemom said...

Those are so neat to have Jenni...Especially since it has a family member. And she is so pretty. Can see where the good looks come from in your family! Such a treasure to have those.