Sunday, February 28, 2010

March kit's are here!

And as you may have expected, they are full of new JBS products and vintage goodies. . .

A quick peek at the Papercrafting Kit (including the new gallery. Layout by Lisa Dickinson).

A spring mini-banner highlighting new JBS Spring Mini Bingo Cards as the Project Kit. . .

And a new Add-On Kit including tons of vintage finds (including 2 awesome vintage letterheads).

I am also putting up a few St. Patty's Day Crafting Kits (under Limited Edition Kits). I only have a handful so if you really love it, it might be a good idea to get on tonight!

We will also have some mid-month March release special kits (and all new JBS product will be up individually then as well). More info on that soon!

See you tonight (midnight central time)!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've had a little secret. . .

I think maybe I didn't share it because I have been pinching myself every since Nancy called me, but I was asked to teach at what I know will be an AMAZING and one-of-a-kind event called CREATIVE CONNECTION. The website (and registration) went live today and now that I see the company I'm in I am truly humbled. How do I fit in that mix?? Still pinching. . .

You can find out all about the event here, but in a nutshell, the event was organized by Nancy Soriano (served as editor of Country Living for many, many years) and Jo Packman (Where Women Create). It will be a crafter's paradise - knitting, papercrafting, jewelry making, felting. You name it, you can make it! AND. . .it is going on in conjunction with Junk Bonanza (need I say more)? What a dream! Create and shop for treasures, all in one place. The event dates are September 16th, 17th and 18th.

They could only show one photo of the class projects on the site so I thought I would share another detail photo of each here just for fun!
This is my Old Book Journal/Scrapbook class where we will be "re-making" an old book into a journal/scrapbook:

And this is my Milk Cap Photo Garland class where we will be creating a one-of-a-kind garland from vintage milk caps (I found these HUGE ones recently - 4") and other fun goodies.

Everything is completely provided in my class kits by the way (you just have a list of tools to bring).

I am only teaching on Thursday and Friday as we are headed to Greece that Saturday (for another event I'm pinching myself over)!

Seems so far away, but I know it will be here before I know it!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some down time. . .
We are back from Virginia Beach (thanks to all of the great women who so warmly welcomed me!) and ready to settle in for a while. It is unusual for us to be home for more than a month at a time, but it looks like we won't be traveling again until Inspired (here's a little peek at one of my Mini Workshop offerings. . .)

Registration will be open soon so I will keep you posted.

Planning to spend all weekend in my studio getting projects done for Vintagefest (remember, hold the dates: April 23rd and 24th)! I hope to have the details together by early next week, with registration to open in mid-March at the latest.

So much to do, so little time!

Must get off this thing for now though - my favorite two shows are getting ready to start on History Channel - American Pickers and Pawn Stars. I'm sure you are sooooo surprised!!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some more house photos. . .
This is a peek into what is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house (the kitchen)! I didn't really want to show it until it was finished with all of the pieces and parts I've been collecting in place. Something to look forward to (for all of us)!! These are my open shelves that turned out beautifully I thought however. I can't wait to see it come together - it has been in my head for so long!!

They hung the chandelier I got almost 2 years ago in Phoenix at Melrose Vintage (in my studio). This wonderful vintage green will be a new color for me. Both of my old store counters have this color in them.
The dining room. . . lanterns are from Pottery Barn.

This is the Breakfast Room off of the kitchen. I had the two shelves made from a photo I had of an antique one. Trying to decide how I want to finish them. I have an AWESOME antique Milliner's store table that fits just under the window, the length of the room. I got the chandelier from I actually had two of them to hang from the beams in the great room but once they were hung we realized they would obstruct Jared's view of the TV over the fireplace when in the kitchen! That TV is one of the few stakes he had in the decor/design of the inside of the house so I couldn't have that! We traded them for ceiling fans and moved one here and one upstairs.
And. . .I have uploaded a project into my gallery at the site! 3 months in a row - I'm on a roll!
I have been shopping all day and have found some AMAZING stuff for some upcoming on-line projects and for our booth when we travel (not to mention Vintagefest). I will share some photos soon. . .

And. . .guess who I saw last night? The amazing John Mayer. However, I must say, we were a bit out of our age demographic. It seems like last time there were more people our age (or older). This time we were surrounded by screaming teenage girls with glitter "I love you John" signs.
Noah is starting guitar lessons on Monday. I told him he had to learn how to play "Gravity" for me. After all, I did drop down the money for the guitar (and the strap, and the case and the amp). It's only fair!!
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Thursday, February 04, 2010

ScrapHD is LIVE!!!

After many months of anticipation, the SCRAPHD website if officially live! You can now sign up for a monthly membership.

As a Club Member you will get unlimited access to all of the JBS products currently loaded (and all other sponsors of course)! You will also be able to Print from Home, upload .png files from your current digital collection, upload multiple photos at a time, and more! All for only $9.99 per month.

And its easy to use (if I can do it, so can you)!

Hop over there and take a look (you can create a free account to see how you like it first - you just don't have access to everything).

Post a link in the comment section to something you created with at least one JBS digi product and in one week we will pick at random from those posts a winner for a free month membership!

Such a great idea for creating gifts for family members, particularly when you are short on time. Just create some base layouts, print out in multiple, and add some coordinating embellishments to still give it that handmade feel!

I can't wait to see what you guys create!

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