Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've had a little secret. . .

I think maybe I didn't share it because I have been pinching myself every since Nancy called me, but I was asked to teach at what I know will be an AMAZING and one-of-a-kind event called CREATIVE CONNECTION. The website (and registration) went live today and now that I see the company I'm in I am truly humbled. How do I fit in that mix?? Still pinching. . .

You can find out all about the event here, but in a nutshell, the event was organized by Nancy Soriano (served as editor of Country Living for many, many years) and Jo Packman (Where Women Create). It will be a crafter's paradise - knitting, papercrafting, jewelry making, felting. You name it, you can make it! AND. . .it is going on in conjunction with Junk Bonanza (need I say more)? What a dream! Create and shop for treasures, all in one place. The event dates are September 16th, 17th and 18th.

They could only show one photo of the class projects on the site so I thought I would share another detail photo of each here just for fun!
This is my Old Book Journal/Scrapbook class where we will be "re-making" an old book into a journal/scrapbook:

And this is my Milk Cap Photo Garland class where we will be creating a one-of-a-kind garland from vintage milk caps (I found these HUGE ones recently - 4") and other fun goodies.

Everything is completely provided in my class kits by the way (you just have a list of tools to bring).

I am only teaching on Thursday and Friday as we are headed to Greece that Saturday (for another event I'm pinching myself over)!

Seems so far away, but I know it will be here before I know it!

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Teri said...

Love that journal! It would be perfect for a "reading" journal I've been thinking of starting! :) Lovely!

Nicole said...

such beautiful creations, Jenni! :)

a quick question...will the new JBS product be available with the March Mercantile release?

Lisa M. Pace said...

This sounds like a fantastic event and one I am sure will be very popular for years to come. Your classes look awesome.

Stephanie said...

Jenni, that is so awesome! What an honor to be chosen to teach! You're classes look great!