Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little peek at mid-month releases. . .

I have been busy, busy, busy unearthing things that I stashed away all year, just for this release!

Today I have two items to share. These vintage ink bottles are in their original boxes. I loved them simply for their graphics but they are unopened, still full of ink as well. They would make a wonderful addition to a Christmas display!

I also have several of these vintage velvet reindeer picks with little brass bells around their necks. They still had the plastic on them when I found them.

More tomorrow and Friday (including a peek at the adorable project that is laying on my desk, almost complete). I love this time of year!!

Everything will be available on Saturday. I will post the exact time on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Two comments: My husband buys vintage fountain pens and restores them. We have pens and ink every where in our house from every decade. Second, growing up in the 60's and 70' we had a set of reindeer. I was able to get the set one year (finally) then the unspeakable happened. Squirrels found them and chewed off all of the velvet. It was a sad day. So you bet I will order some of these.

Chocolate Mousie said...

In NJ we would make our annual Christmas trek to a place called Gaudio's (now the G Boys) and they had huge Christmas displays. They had those little reindeer and more back then. I'm sure if I did a bunch of yard sales trips, I'd be able to find things like the reindeer. Plus, in a town called Mullica Hill, they have a strip of antique shops. If anyone is ever in southern NJ, check that area out for goodies.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that ink bottle. I collect vintage office supplies since I have worked in an office for over 30 years. That would go great with my collection. I hope I don't forget to check it out on Saturday!! Can't wait to see what else you will have!


Cherry said...

Awh, your reindeer are adorable. i cannot wait to get my Christmas decorations out around the house.
Beautiful Blog x