Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The best fair ever!!!

I talk about it every year, but the Wilson County Fair has got to be the best fair there is anywhere! We look forward to it every year but this year the weather was PERFECT and that was a huge plus. No humidity and upper 70's the day we went.

Christian insisted on drinking when I took the picture- he thought that would look cool!

Hillbilly Bob's Homeade Soda (Black Cherry - yum)!!

There is a little town set up at the fairgrounds and it includes an early 1900's schoolhouse. There are alot of windows and everything is painted white which makes for GREAT lighting! I always make the boys pose.

Jared signed up for bee-keeping class information (so far he has slated chickens, goats and now bees for our little farm)! This is all in his free-time mind you (we both seem to have a problem being idle)!

By the way. . . my friend Donna has a new digi boutique set up over at the digi chick. If you are into digital and vintage I think you just may like it!!

New photos coming on the house. . . poured the concrete today in the bottom floor. Should start framing by the end of the week. I purchased an old claw foot tub this week (just needs a little TLC) and some old schoolhouse lights. Will get some photos of all soon!!

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leah said...

Looks like so much fun!! :) Love the Ferris wheel photo!

stephanie howell said...

a. DYING to see the house. seriously dying. i can't even imagine how fabulous it will be.
b. love the photos of those precious boys. xo

Michelle said...

Those photos are priceless! The lighting is perfect. We went to a carnival this Labor Day weekend as well and sure do wish we could have rode a ferris wheel like that one!

Sherri said...

lol jenni, i took almost the exact same photo of the ferris wheel,just a little later in the day!