Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mid-Month Selections. . .
Did you remember? This month I had a couple surprises up my sleeve and needed time to get them together (plus it gives you enough time to complete Mother's Day gifts), so. . . here we go!

This is the FABULOUS necklace kit I put together with the new Nunn Designs Patera jewelry findings. I added a vintage pearl button, some vintage brass butterfly charms I have been hoarding (they layer together perfectly) and topped it off with a metal rhinestone button charm. If you have not seen the Patera stuff in person, it is very high quality and thick. I love the new reproduction rosary chain! The kit also includes the Patera glaze to fill the large pendant. This is fine jewelry grade and must be set with a UV light (good old sunlight for 15 minutes will do it) - printed instructions come with the kit on how to use it. It has a much better end result than using embossing powder. This would make a very nice gift. The square pendant is 1 1/4" just to give you some scale (nice and big)!

I also put together this collage on the back of an old yard Domino (these babies are 2 3/4" x 5 1/2"!) I love them and hope to find more. I have a few to share this time around along with some fabulous wallpaper I have been holding on to, waiting for the perfect project. Some vintage trim, a millinery flower and a vintage brass "mother" charm finish off the project. You create the collage on the blank side of the Domino (the second one is shown so you can see the front- obviously the dots on the front will vary with each one). You get one Domino in the kit with all of the embellishments.

And finally, all of the embellishment tins will go back up for sale tonight along with a Limited Edition "Spring Romance" tin. Here is what the contents look like (you will get exactly these things, although the styles of the bird and flower Dennison labels will vary). This can be found under JBS Exclusive Products (look for Vintage Embellishment Tins).

All of these things go up for sale at 10:00 central time tonight (Tuesday, April 15).

If you are coming to the Scrap Etc. event this weekend at the Opryland Hotel, I am looking forward to meeting you! I am packing up everything as we speak (for the long 15 mile trip)!

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becky said...

scrap ETC here i come!! if i ordered something, could you bring it to the event????

stephanie said...

love every bit of it.
i bought the tin last night.
have fun at SB Etc! I'm so sad to not be going this year.

Jules said...

Oh wow that is beautiful!

PLO said...

The necklace and collage are lovely! I have been creative in a different way...

dlcc10 said...

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but just got back from SE and so loved your project! It is very different from what I normally do, which is one big reason why I loved it so much. Thank you for sharing your creative mind and the time you gave to this event. Hope we will both be there next year!

Debi C

Debra Johnson said...

I LOVE that little necklace - sooo wonderful!! Looks so beautifully vintage!

Anonymous said...

Jenni, will you pretty please post some hints/sneaks for May? I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!! :) Thank you! Nicole