Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crazy month. . .
I am looking forward to May. . . we will actually be in town with nothing big going on for 4 weeks (but then there is June. . .!)
The blog has been a little neglected, this I know. I have been trying to post a little something about Scrap Etc. last weekend and have finally found a moment (just before I hop on a plane yet again in three hours)!
I had a wonderful time at the Scrap Etc. event again this year. The women that come to this event are FABULOUS - they make my job so very easy. I love getting to meet everyone and see familiar faces. I must say that the anticipation for large events like this is killer on the preparation end, but once I get there and start the teaching I realize why I do it! Of course I didn't bring my camera as usual, but Amber Ulmer snapped this one and sent it to me. It was taken the first night at the SIS TV question and answer session:

I would like to think I said something brilliantly funny and everyone was enjoying it, but I'm pretty sure nothing I had to say was brilliant or funny! Next time I will not sit in the middle of Wilna and Heidi. Wilna has the most beautiful accent and the most poetic answer to anything she is asked (I swear I could just sit in a room and listen to her for hours- I so enjoyed meeting you Wilna!). And Heidi. . . well, it's HEIDI, what else do I need to say. I think she saved me several times and bailed me out. We had not seen each other until that point so we were a bit gabby on the corner there to ourselves. We seem to make the same choices when it comes to fashion as well. This night we both had silver shoes on, but the next day we were dressed exactly the same top to bottom! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at her event in September!

Previews will be posted next week for the May kits - guess what? We have a new line and the May kit is built around it! It is called "Trendy".

Retailers - you will be getting a newsletter early next week with previews as well. Ordering will open up on May 1st!

More soon . . .I'm off to pack my bags!

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Kerri Norrod said...

I cannot wait to see the sneak peaks of the May kit!

Anonymous said...

We are all having crazy months. Know you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Will the May kit be up later today to see?
April kit is lovely

Anonymous said...

I so so so cannot wait to get my hands on that trendy line!!!!!!!!

pleeeese may hurry up!!

Judy in Carefree said...

Can't wait for Creative Escape either!

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting the sneak peek! :-) Any word on when you may offer up the bird kit you created for Home Companion magazine?

Anonymous said...

Please post peeks of May!!! Pretty please!!! :) I'm dying to see it!
Thank you!

mcpatty said...

I certainly enjoyed meeting you and taking your class at Scrap Etc.! Like the others, I'm anxiously awaiting the May kit :-)

Patty McAnally