Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tweet, Tweet. . .

Tune in tonight to see the little house that "Jenni" built (and yes you get the sweet silver glitter bird, nest and eggs)!!

And. . . here are two little hints for the Papercrafting Kit:

New Double Sided (this one is big!) Border stamp. Exclusive to the kit. One side is a pinked edge and one side is a scalloped edge.

New JBS "Varsity" Journaling Cards and New JBS Rub-Ons (this is the Sketched Alpha - straight from the pages of an early 1900's Drawing Manual).

I upped the Project Kit quantities some this month in hopes to supply them to a few more people that want them. I also expect that we will have plenty of the Papercrafting Kit as well.

One quick note- if you are ever unsure if you have a membership to either kit, you can always log into your account and find out before purchasing a duplicate membership.

See you tonight!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One last trip to the farm. . .
We headed out to Hilton's, Va again for our last trip this summer to camp. My brother and nephew met us there. We could not have had a better day on Saturday! Low humidity and cooler temps - it was so beautiful. The boys played in the river all day and rode the go-cart around. Christian and I headed home at night to Jared's parents an hour away - we don't do the camping thing very well! I took these pictures in the barn while I was there. I thought it was funny how they are great examples of what I am getting from these guys right now:
Cheesy grin and
irritated brow.
I played with one of the bingo cards and my new journaling label stickers on a roll (they come in 4 colors and have this wonderful feel to them and are a little transparent)!! This is what I came up with:

Happy Tuesday!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally. . .

I tell you, I really DO want to be more than a once-a-week blogger. I think once school starts again (August 1st for us) things will get a little more routine around here. We have been playing alot!!
First of all, I wanted to mention that I put a few more July Project Kits (butterfly box) up for sale just now. We had several duplicate memberships that we have been working to clean up this week and that left us with these leftover Project Kits.

So finally, here are some previews of new product for the summer! The August kit is being built around these papers (my new "Varsity" line)!!

I have new Stickers, sheets and rolls, Die Cut Alpha Blocks, Journaling Cards and Rub-Ons - all new and all coming in the August kit.

I also have an additional line of paper that we will be using in the Project Kit next month. I have always had this thing about finding a pattern I loved and wanting it in 10 colors, you know? I noticed Martha Stewart is doing that with several of her designs. You can buy them in a set of one pattern, but 6 colors. So. . .I decided to start a "Basics" line (not the official name) and am starting with this great Soda Label pattern!! It comes in 6 colors - all of which coordinate with other JBS collections so you can mix and match. Here is a sample of the Kelly Green paper that matches the Varsity line:

And last but not least, here is a little peek at the new Bingo Cards. They are 5 x7 and are printed on a lightweight matboard. Thin enough for your scrapbook pages, but strong enough to stand alone for altered projects. In fact, we are making a house out of them for next month's Project Kit - my most ambitious project yet! I also had every number from 1- 24 included so you could easily find kid's birthdays, anniversary's etc.

I have busy trying to finish some projects in my house and studio - I will post some photos soon!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Updates and Previews!

Whew!!! What a crazy couple of weeks. I believe we have now officially visited every living relative on both sides of the family along the east coast! More on that below, but for now I wanted to update you on what JBS was able to do for the Gallacher family:

Last month we collected $106 from many of our generous members - THANK YOU! Combine that with our pledge of $1500 we have a total of $1606. Jen has requested that we make a donation on Joey's behalf to the hospital that treated him and the Make a Wish Foundation. We will be splitting the funds between these two organizations. We are so thrilled to be able to do this and hopefully make a difference in the lives of families just like the Gallachers'.

Here is a pic of my red-headed nephew. He was the star of our trip to Atlanta. The kids fought everyday for his attention (not to mention his two biddy aunts)!

And here is one from our trip to Ohio. I accidentally had this on portrait so it blurred Jared and left Christian crystal clear. I would have preferred it all clear, but what do you do! This was the purest light I have ever seen. They were standing at the entrance of a HUGE white barn- it was reflecting the sunlight brilliantly. I love daylight photography. Mostly because I don't have the right flash equipment for bad inside lighting nor the expertise in photoshop to fix it after the fact. Christian was in Jared's cousin's wedding while we were there and I really didn't get any great shots in the church/reception so I finally gave up! AND, I had the setting on portrait yet again for his outside tux shots and came up with blurry photos (not in a good way). Ughh!

Well now that I am back to it, I am finalizing all of our new products debuting in next month's kit. This is our largest introduction yet! The Papercrafting Kit, Project Kit and Add-On will all be filled with brand new JBS product. And for those wholesale customers reading this that means a new catalog coming to you as well by the end of the month. I will post some photo previews in the next few days, but in the meantime think happy thoughts about Kelly Green and Navy Blue!!!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

So Sorry!!!
It is 4:00 am my time and the site is changed over now to the new July kits. You may not be seeing the new photos in the blocks on the home page (I am checking on that), but the new kits are indeed there if you go to "Shop".
I am on the road and literally sat there at midnight telling my brother that I was going to have to be up that late tomorrow to set the site live. Somehow I got my nights mixed up in my head. Uggh!! I realize some of you stayed up and tried to no avail so I am very sorry!!
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