Wednesday, November 15, 2006

*** here is the URL for those of you on Macs who keep crashing
the new site can't come fast enough!!
Finally got the gallery finished. . .

It was actually completed yesterday, but just in case you didn't make it over there, now you know! I would still like to add one more layout to the gallery though.

I got two good leads on where you can find the B-line stamp I have used in the gallery in past months. Stamp Diva apparently has it in stock now and I also got another tip that there is an e-bay seller who stocks it. Her seller name is paisley-jaynes-art.

We just finished watching The Polar Express - the Christmas season has officially begun! I actually picked up a couple of presents at Target today (as well as a new (vintage look) Santa covered in Mica Snow)! Speaking of Mica Snow, if you like the look of the old chipboard houses in sweet pastels sprinkled with this, you will LOVE next month's project kit!
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Emily said...

Can you please please please post the URL for the gallery? For some reason I can NEVER get to the JBS website -- Explorer always crashes -- but I can type in the URL of each individual page. That is how I managed to order last month's kit. Please please!

alyssa said...

Such cute stuff in the gallery this month! I wanted to share how much I'm enoying your kits. I just completed a project that used lots of acrylic embellishments from your kits over the past few months, and one of those super duper scalloped tags. Really love how it turned out, and I definitely owe a lot of my inspiration to you & your fun products. If you want to take a look, here's the link:

Thanks for all the great stuff!