Thursday, May 21, 2015

Repurposing : Vintage Double Cola Cups

The Mercantile has some adorable little Vintage Double Cola cups in stock. Being a cola nut myself, I wanted to incorporate these cups into a cola and mint themed luncheon.  It was another easy peasy repurposed project.

Small seed starter pots fit perfectly into the Double Cola cups.  This will help keep the cups sturdy, especially after watering.

Place a small rock in the bottom of each pot and fill with potting soil.

You can plant anything in your little pots.  I chose to plant little sprigs of mint from my own garden.

Add your guests names to popsicle sticks or plant markers and place the pots inside the Double Cola cups.  So sweet!

Wouldn't these be  great place cards for a luncheon of your favorite fish on the grill, a melon and mint salad and Coke-jitos?!  Absolutely!

- betsy

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Jenni Bowlin said...

adorable Betsy!