Monday, April 13, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

I think I should change the title today to the things I "hoard" Monday. . .These are amazing, hard to find, real photo postcards of various floral and fauna from the early 1900's.  They were part of a set for teachers I believe, based on the categorization on the back.  When I first got them, I sold a chunk of them and then panicked - what if I never find them again??  That was at least 3 years ago now and I have still yet to find these exact ones again.  They are so perfect in their tone and presentation. 

Happy Monday!  We are on the road this week, headed to Vintage Market Days, Tulsa, OK.  Then it's back home for the Country Living Fair here in Nashville.  I may have overbooked myself for April - just a tad!
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hobbemom said...

Oh I love those cards and their colors. I hated missing your Vintage Affair this past weekend. I just ooo'd and aaaah'd over the pictures on Facebook. And did a little pouting and drooling as well...But we are planning either the Country Living in a couple of weeks or may just wait and go to GA again in the fall...still deciding. Alot on my plate here now and trying to keep perspective. Take care!

Barbara Eads said...

Are you kidding? You! Overbook? You do it all and make it look easy! That's a great quality to have. I'm just sorry I've had to miss your last two events! I'm anxious to see your house. One of these days!