Monday, January 26, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

What is it about Numbers??  I know it's not just me -there are thousands of people on Pinterest with boards devoted to the subject.  And while I do sometimes pick numbers for specific reasons (I am always looking out for "4"'s since there are 4 in my family), I rarely pass up any number - in any form.  And the smaller the better as always with me.  I'm not sure they can get much smaller than this.  These are tiny push-pin numbered markers for windows.  I'm not sure why numbers needed to be marked once upon a time (maybe someone can tell me?) but I'm sure glad they did.  While I have sold many of these over the years, this little set has stayed with me.  Imperfectly perfect with patina and remnants of paint, they sit and wait in my studio for the appropriate project.

Happy Monday!
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Anonymous said...

These are awesome!! :) Evie

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

aha! My husband had us number our windows ... when we removed the storm windows, we needed to make sure they went back in the right place or else they wouldn't fit. So you matched numbers. Same with removing screens in the winter. But the ugly part of the story is that we've used MASKING TAPE to do it. Oh gross! Guess what my dh is getting for his birthday! Pretty window tacks!

Stephanie Hackney said...

Hey Jenni,

Loved the post today - I'm a numbers girl too!

As for the window numbering, they did this so that when the windows were removed (for cleaning or to air a place out), they knew which window went where.

Fun traditions. :)

Have a great week,