Monday, October 13, 2014

The Things I Keep Monday. . . and we have a winner!

First of all, Elaine Plemons - you have won the Country Living Fair Atlanta early bird passes!  You left your email so I will be shooting you a note soon about how to get those.  Congratulations!

And now on to this week's "keeper" . . . my 1960's Buddy L camper.  We buy and sell a lot of old trucks.  They are so useful in so many ways - as postcard holders, plant holders, or even Christmas Trees during the holidays.  The Buddy L brand is one of the best, and one of the most collectable.  I have actually never found a truck and camper attachment to sell like this.  Once I got a hold of this one it was put into my permanent collection, and not just for its color and style, but it belonged to Jared's uncle Joe.  And that's the best reason yet!

Happy Monday!  Previews for new Flea Market finds coming tomorrow.
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