Monday, August 25, 2014

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

Likely one of my biggest collections (and one I can't seem to ever trim down) is my photo collection.  From antique celluloid albums full of cabinet cards, tiny gem-type albums, photo folders and paper albums full of black and white photos - I just can't seem to shake my urge to adopt someone else's memories.  I flip through the pages and always wonder how these items could have made it to the estate sale or auction - of all things, right??

So I continue to collect.  Adding another album or photo on almost every trip out.  This was one such photo below.  It's tiny size, the hand coloring and her adorable smile, glasses and hat all "had me at hello".  She now sits in my studio as one of my muses, pushing me along through my daily tasks.

Happy Monday!!
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hobbemom said...

So sweet.

Barbie said...

In an Antique Shop I saw a basket of old photos - it's sort of sad when you think about it. On the basket was a sign that read:
" Instant Relatives "
That put a smile on my face and now I think of that whenever I see old photographs for sale.