Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Year Of Firsts. . .

It's official - I now have a high school-er (this is where you are welcome to leave a comment to say that you "can't believe it", "you look so young", etc. etc.  Just kidding!

These are not the greatest pictures as we are always running late on the first day, it's always humid (and my lens needs a hour to adjust) and the boys are WAY over having their photo taken each year.  Too bad we didn't get their haircut before the first day either - never enough time in our days.  They are nice clean cut boys now - momma can't stand for the long hair for too long.  I threaten to take the scissors to their heads in their sleep!

CJ started middle school.  If you have been through this phase before you already know - they leave elementary school little boys and come back from their first day of middle school young men, declaring that every stuffed animal, Lego or Disney item be removed from their rooms at once.  It is so very heartbreaking.  Christian has not been as bad as Noah was so maybe I can hang onto him a bit longer. . . (and his goofy faces). . .

And although this wasn't a first, it was my first layout in a LONG time with this month's Mercantile Papercrafting Kit (check the last post for info. on the YouTube video).  Here's the layout and some detail shots for you to see up close as the video was a little too quick.

Hope you are all having a great start to your week!
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hobbemom said...

I get you completely Jenni...They grow up so so fast. And I remember when my son did the "get the toys out". He went to his room one night and boxed them allll up and I didn't even know it. We have moved to a smaller home and we are just now unpacking those toys after 15 years! My 5 year old grandson is loving it tho. Lots of legos, action figures, godzilla, star wars, stuffed animals and the list goes on.

Love your page. Do more! I love your layouts and I miss seeing them.

Laura Turcotte said...

They DO grow fast! My baby boys are now 15--ack! In our province, there is no middle school. They go straight to high school after grade 6---traumatizing for mom..not so for them, it seems. And you never know, Jenni, they might want to get rid of all the toys except for certain what my guys have done..they don't want to let go of their childhood just yet, it

Great page...more to come?? :)