Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An awesome junking weekend. . .

If you are into the whole estate sale/pickin thing, then you know that there are good weekends and bad weekends.  I am not a big "yard saler" but I do look every week at several different sources to see what people list.  If it's not too far and they say they may have some antiques then I try to hit it.  Of course the definition of vintage or antique varies greatly from one person to another (ha!) so sometimes it is a big waste of time doing this.  And time seems to be the thing I have the least to give.

But this past week/weekend was a great one!  We first got into a sale early on Wednesday of a local estate.  I will share more about what we picked up there in later posts.  A really lovely lady and her stepfather.  I'm sure it was very hard for them going through the things that reminded them of their mother/wife who had passed 6 years ago.

Thursday we hit a couple of estate sales and found some great things and then tried to hit the flea market while vendors were setting up but we were still a bit early.

Friday we went back to the flea market and bought so much stuff we couldn't load it all into the truck.  We don't normally buy furniture, but with 4 shows coming up, we need displays.  More on that later as well. . .

Saturday we finally made it out to see Thurman.  Thurman was actually on an episode of American Pickers (the one with William Shatner).  He is an amazing artist and has a phenomenal collection.  He built his house and several out buildings all from reclaimed materials and they are amazing.  He was so kind and took us through every inch of his home.  I didn't know where to look first.  I saw things I had never seen and will never see again (and heard him quote prices he gave at auction that will never be seen again either)!  The photo above shows a few of the things I pulled from the upstairs of the house.  The ledger is amazing - 1800's writing filling every page.

We then headed out to the first out building.  As soon as he opened the door I saw an 8 foot+ store counter sitting on top of another table.  I immediately wrapped my arms around one of the legs and told Jared I wasn't leaving there without it (to which he said was a great negotiating tactic)!

And I didn't leave without it . . . also taking home with me a robin's egg blue medical cabinet, butter yellow shelf and the dark oak bookcase you see below.  We didn't make it into the largest barn and hope to go back before our Atlanta show.

I promise to share more photos when things aren't so tight.  We are seriously out of space right now and things are stacked tall.  We are also hoping to do a YouTube tour the night before both of the CL Fairs so I will keep you posted on that.

And if you are waiting to hear about the new kits over at Mercantile (including my fun new Halloween Project), that is coming tomorrow!
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Briana Johnson said...

oh my, I seriously know that feeling you had when you saw that counter. Oh, I miss the days of finding good stuff like that. It's been ages since I've been to a good estate auction (best chance of good stuff around here) It's a euphoric high to find stuff like that. I'll never forget the time I saw a oak store counter, big, chunky, gorgeous, bid all the way to 3200 for it and lost, which was too low anyway really when you think about how much it cost to go to the furniture store and buy new quality stuff and this baby was 80 years old. And now I don't have the room for it anyway either. But so it goes, always new treasures to be found. I can.not.wait. to see pics of your counter, medical cabinet!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the table leg. I can so see you doing that and I can see Jared's face as well. LOL. Too funny. Can't wait for the sale in Nov and also I'm going to try to go to the Atlanta Country Living Show too.

What a fun job you guys have...**sigh**


NanaBeth said...

Halloween project=must have!