Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope you had a happy Easter. . .

We spent the day with family and friends, my first time to host Easter dinner.  The weather was lovely and the food was yummy. 

Our hens are getting big - should be laying by late summer.  We go through alot of eggs at our house so it will be nice to not have to buy them at the store. 

And just in case you wondered about this kid (and in case you thought I favored the older one) - he refuses to cooperate with his mother lately.  I'm hoping its just a phase!

I'm working on some major deadlines this week, but will be back at some point soon to share my great estate sale story and finds from this weekend!
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Rebecca said...

What a beautiful hen! Do you have all Barred Rocks, or do you have a mixture? My kiddos have learned to make their own omelettes, and we've been going through eggs like crazy! I am so thankful that we have our own eggs!!

I hope it's just a phase for you too!! My 11 year old girl has been going through that for a while now, and my hubby warns me it will probably last. :( Good luck to you!

NanaBeth said...

Rebecca's hubby is right-#3 son is 30 and still in that phase!

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~

Anonymous said...

No comment on the son. I have mentioned a little to you about mine. He is 21 and still in a "phase". I use to call it growing pains, but now I don't know what to call it. LOL

We went to the Nashville Flea market on Saturday and found some neat things. I'm going to post it on the Big Picture later. love Love LOVE the Nashville Flea Market!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Easter to you and yours! I made deviled eggs, haven't done that in years, yum. Your boy reminds me of one of my sons. Gotta love them just the way they are!! It might be practice for some future career of theirs! :D