Monday, March 21, 2011


Can't you just image the chicken fried steak and potatoes served on these plates?  I don't know who Ed was or where he served up the grub, but I like his style!  I started collecting Krystal and Steak and Shake mugs for my kitchen just before we moved and have been expanding a bit (and as always, I buy to sell what I love so I am stocking up for the Country Living Fairs).  Last week Jared and I met one of my connections from Florida as he was coming through TN and I picked up a set of Delta Airlines plates (1st class baby!) and some sweet scalloped coffee cups.  Logos are such a weakness.

I also want to mention tonight that we have partnered with the incredibly talented Kerry Lynn Yeary who will be creating a series of kits for Mercantile.  Her first one just went up for sale tonight.  Be sure to check it out here.  And remember. . .the March Madness boxes are still for sale, but only until the end of March so you may want to check those out too.  It's a great deal on some classic products.

Happy Monday!
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April said...

Didn't know if you knew this or not.....

Ed Serafini's was Erie, Penn's oldest Italian restaurant. It opened in 1938 on West 12th.

Is there a letter and then A-49...that would mean your plate is from 1949.

Anonymous said...

oh that is neat...Fun collections.


Anonymous said...

Now u r just making me hungry. :D