Wednesday, December 02, 2009

VintageFest this Saturday!!

Just a reminder, in case you were thinking of signing up at the last minute. We have less than 5 stops left and will take sign ups until Friday night.

Find out more here (or scroll down a bit).

Sign up for the classes here.

I will be posting again on Friday with some fun photos of items we will have for sale. We have even more than last year including some larger vintage/antique pieces (think organizing and display!) for your home studios or shops. Remember. . .there is no entrance fee! Come shop anytime between 9:00a.m. and 9:00p.m.

And. . .

Every purchase over $50 gets a free gift (while supplies last - so come early)!

Now I need to get off this computer and get BUSY!!!

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Jerri junque said...

The Alabama Road Trip Girls will be there.

Anonymous said...

if i was anywhere near there i would be there in a heartbeat... still sad i missed seeing you at silver bellas... maybe next time. hope it is a HUGE success!!!

LOLena said...

Wish you were closer to AZ. Wishing you a great weekend. I will just have to enjoy your pics this time.

Janet said...

I am on my way!