Monday, September 29, 2008

Couple Quick Updates!

Check back here tomorrow evening for October Kit previews (on sale tomorrow night at midnight)!

I will be loading some more things into the September Gallery from Rita and myself so take a look over there too tomorrow night (I did a sweet little "Flat Stanley" book for Christian's class about his travels to South Africa).

Check back on Wednesday evening to see the winners of the 1st ever Jenni Bowlin Studio Designer contest!

And, take a look at this baby. . .

I finally got this Epson RX680 hooked up and started printing. If you are looking for a printer that can do everything but load your dishwasher this is the one for you!

This is why I like it:

- it prints out superb photos that I send from my PC

- my 10 year old can run in and load his memory card right at the unit and print out photos without even touching my computer. (he just needs to learn some restraint when it comes to paper and ink)!

- it also has a scanner. You can make a quick copy without even going to your PC but it also comes with scanner software so I can ditch my other scanner altogether (one less piece of electronics -yeah)!

Of course the key to printing a good photo on an Epson printer is to use the Luster paper. I love it! I'm not sure where you can buy it brick and mortar store wise but I order mine from the Epson site.

Happy Monday!
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latte_grande said...

Omg, that's the exact same printer I have! Just got it as my birthday present to myself and I LOVE it. I bought my Epson photo paper at Staples while I was picking up more ink....had to chuckle when I realized I spent more on the paper and ink than I did on the actual printer! Still. TOTALLY worth it. :)

becky said...

that printer is GORGEOUS! if i had the dough, i think i would buy one!!!! can't wait for the previews tomorrow -- i am a sneak peek kinda girl!! and anxious for the 1st -- i am sure all the winners produced awesome pieces!

Anonymous said...

cool printer!
cant wait to see the new kit....:)....

Cathy said...

Looks like you will be having an absolute ball playing with your new toy... and yip your son will soon learn the joys of ink/paper when he knows how much it costs!

scrapandthecity said...

the flat stanley book is too cute!