Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey there. . .
I finally updated Stacey's gallery so you will see some new things in there (lots of techniques)!
We took the boys to Disney World this past week (just got back yesterday) - hence the crickets chirping here. I promise to share some hints about next month's kit next week. The project kit will be a Spring banner (much requested- ask and you shall receive!) and I have a special memory jewelry kit that you will LOVE!!!
AND. . .I am putting a few more March Papercrafting Kits up for sale as well a couple of March Project Kits right now (8:30 central time). As I always say, it pays to read the blog! We always end up with a few extra after billing, but only a few (sorry I don't have more)!
Have a great Easter!
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ArtsyChaos said...

The kit is gorgeous. I'm sorry I missed out on it !

PLO said...

You sure are a busy girl for someone who just returned from Disney. You must have more energy than me!