Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some more Christmas Inspiration!

These two photos are of the old store cabinet in my studio- I just had have this looking festive! My glamour vase girl got a Christmas hat too. It makes me soo happy to walk by this (if I don't glance down at the floor which is covered over with "stuff" again)!

This is my new tinsel tree covered with my vintage Shiney Brite ornaments. I love the way the sun hits it everyday.

We have been so busy already this month. We did the "Walk through Bethlehem" yesterday before our church's Christmas program and it was amazing. A large local church does this every year and they go all out. Roman soldiers and shepards are walking around with sheep, live ox and a camel! It is very crowded as they only do it for a single day, but I loved how well they told the story of Jesus's birth and the culture of the time. Very impressive.

We are headed to "Ice" this weekend with my brother. Opryland sponsors this every year but we have never been. This year the theme is Dr. Seuss so we had to try it. It is apparently rooms filled with ice sculptures and interactive displays.

Next Thursday we are back out to Opryland to see the Rockettes. I must tell you we are spoiled to be in Nashville at Christmas. You could spend everyday at Opryland and have something new to see or do!

Have a great week!

Oh - by the way - the instructions for the Limited Edition Kits sold on the 1st and the Project Kit are already up under the December gallery under "Create". The rest of the gallery will be updated late on the 12th as usual.

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kristina said...

Beautiful, Jenni! Love the photographs! I could look at decorations all day long! Enjoy the fun festive activities you and your family have planned! Happy Holidays!! :)

carolyn peeler said...

Looks great Jenni!

stephanie said...

love your decorations...and that cabinet is to DIE for!!

aday said...

Just got my kit today and I SO LOVE MY JENNI B!!

Pam said...

Everything is so beautiful! Enjoy the Rocketts. I took my 5 year old daughter the day before Thanksgiving. She totally loved it! So did I! It really is awsome. We did not make it to the Grinch Ice exhibit but heard it was great. Have fun!