Friday, August 31, 2007

(this is my tricky way of getting to post more pictures at one time)!

Here is a little preview of another new offering going up for the first time tonight. These are 2" Vintage Embellishment Tins, available in 3 themes for now: Premium Buttons, Hodge Podge and Bling. The Premium Button will consist of the more collectible button types - mother of pearl (several), mother of pearl carved, glass (clear, depression glass or china) and pierced plastic and celluloid. Many of the included buttons will be worth more than $1-$2 on their own. I suppose you have to appreciate and love buttons to understand why a 2" tin is $4.99!

The Bling tin is filled with vintage and antique sequins, vintage tiny dress trim, rhinestone and/or mirror buttons and vintage rhinestones. Each tin will vary in color.

The Hodge Podge tin (Blogger is fighting with me and won't let me post this photo) will have various vintage and antique embellishments such as glass beads, flower findings, and charms. This will constantly vary as my "stash" changes! All Vintage Embellishment Tins are $4.99. These will ultimately replace the Junque Boxes. I love them so, but the labor involved in getting those together was just too high (and I really feel like $9.99 was pushing it to begin with). So. . . we have a few left in limited quantities (under 8 left of each) if you wanted to pick one up for now. You can find these under the JBS Exclusive Products category.

Also check out the Past Kits page. We will be having a sale this month only of more than 30% off most remaining kits in this category (does not apply to the October Kit that was already on sale - only 6 of those kits remain)!

Whew- I think that is everything! I hope to get the newsletter out tonight as well. I have high hopes!!

Everything goes live tonight at 12:00 midnight central time.
(EDITED** I totally forgot! There is one more tin! I was sitting there this afternoon telling my husband I knew I was missing one (and this one is my favorite)! This is the Alpha-Numeric Tin. These are vintage letter tiles- highly collectible if you are into that. I found several boxes over the years and now I am sharing. I also picked up a huge bag filled with the thin metal alphabet and numbers a couple of years ago and they are mixed in. You get approx. 30 pieces per tin- a mix of letters, numbers and punctuation. I had to run and take this with my Ott-Lite - not too bad)!
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Anonymous said...

Will there be a sneak peek of the Sept KIT before midnight tonight?
Pretty please?

Ali said...

I love you. Just so you know.

Jan[n] said...

I am staying up tonight for SURE! You are a-mazing!