Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a week!!

Crabs, WaWa milkshakes and Rainbowland! I had a great time in Maryland (came back with an extra pound or two I am sure). This is our crazy time of the summer - we are headed out again in just a few days. Crazy!
The kids had such a great time at Rainbowland. It really is amazing what they do there. I believe they have 400 kids a week and it is a PRODUCTION! So many great volunteers (including my mom, brother, SIL and niece).
(brother and SIL - can you tell she was the captain of the cheerleaders)!!

(Noah - the theme was "Indiana Jones")

On the last day I went up to see the final "act" of the week. They had a drama/singing/dancing program at the end of each day. I was truly amazed. I have been to many concerts and I believe the screaming and energy was greater here (not my Noah's thing, but he coped)! It was really moving to see the reaction of the kids and to know what all of the excitement was about.

And of course we found a little time for the pool each day:

Sneak peeks for July coming on Friday!!

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Anilu Magloire said...

Gotta love Summer!!

Vee said...

cool!! aren' the wawa shkes yummy and you can't beat them for 1.99 :)
can't wait to see the peeks!

Delaney Gates said...

How fun! Great photos!