Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yard Sale Queens

That is me and Ruth. And we are last minute girls. Both of us get so tired of the clutter that we can't handle it anymore and we MUST purge today, you know?

So. . . Ruth and I are having a Yard Sale on Friday and Saturday (April 20th and 21st). 8:00 on. Tons of new scrapbook stuff and display stuff (from me- not Ruth. Still haven't gotten her to do a page)!

If you are local and want directions just send Ruth a note at

Now back to the attic. . .

(and P.S. - for my stores, the wholesale newsletter should go out tonight and new items should be available by Friday. You can sign up for this newsletter if you are a store by using the link that says "retailers" on the bottom of the home page at the site)!!
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Teina said...

We have a few things in common I too love vintage buttons, fabric and lace which I use on my dolls and loads of other stuff as well and I do collect to much
I just wanted to let you know the I think Ruth is magnificent her customer service over the past few days was the best I have ever received
Thanks again Ruth take care and I hope the two of you have a blast at your sale just a little to fare for me lol.

terri k said...

Is Tennessee close to California? Can you have a yard sale out this way once?! LOL!!

Mel said...

I would love to attend.. but i'm in Singapore..boohoo!!!

Jan[n] said...

oh happy day!

Can I bring stuff I don't want in my house and trade it out for stuff I do want?!?!??! *smile*

Carrie said...

O I could use a road trip but I know my hubby would draw the line from Illinois...BUMMER! I am envious of whomever makes it!

sabrina said...

I went yesterday, and I'm glad I did! I posted a picture on my blog